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Our mission is to give you, whether you are a psychology major or not, tools you can use to better navigate your life. Psychology is a science that can be applied to your everyday life to help you become a better student, better citizen and have better relationship patterns.



  • The Psychology Fair occurs at the end of the fall and spring semesters. It provides you opportunities to present your work, see the work of other students, listen to expert speakers, and learn more about psychology. The fair is run by Dr. King and the psychology club.
  • The Psychology Club meets weekly and is an opportunity for anyone interested in the field to get involved and meet like-minded people. Advisor: Dr. King
  • The Psychology Bookclub meets monthly and gives you an opportunity to blend your love for books with psychology themes. Advisor: Dr. Stratton
  • Every year, the psychology department has several booths at the NOVA STEM fair to get the word out about psychology as a science.

Career Choices In Psychology

  • top and mid-range management positions
  • marketing executive
  • product designer
  • product tester
  • researcher for health or social sciences
  • mental health school counseling
  • profiling for law enforcement agencies
  • law enforcement officer
  • social worker
  • case manager
  • rehabilitation specialist

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