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I don't play an instrument and I'm not sure if I can sing. Can I enroll?
Yes! You don't need to be a musician or a vocalist to be in this program. A strong interest in music is a good place to start. A love for music or sound, in general, is a prerequisite.

I'm thinking about a career in sound or music recording and I'm not sure I'd enjoy a traditional job. Do I have options?
You're in luck! While the industry employs sound professionals working conventional daytime hours, more often than not, work will be dynamic in a non-conventional schedule. If you consider yourself entrepreneurial, you will do well.

Is this a closed, sequenced program or can I take the classes individually?
Classes are open to anyone. You can enroll in individual classes. The Program curriculum is designed to be a rich concentration. Assembled courses work cooperatively for best success. You are strongly encouraged to complete and earn the certificate.

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