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Language, Arts, & Social Studies

Explore the academic programs offered in the Communication and Human Studies Division of the Loudoun campus.

Faculty and Staff

Division Office 

Name Title Office Email Phone
Dr. Katherine Hitchcock Dean LR 304 khitchcock@nvcc.edu  703.450.2505
Lisa Stelle Assistant Dean, Languages LR 305 lstelle@nvcc.edu  703.450.2529
Saleha Bholat  Assistant Dean,  Arts LR 308 sbholat@nvcc.edu  703.450.2515
Dr. Tiffany Blackmon Assistant Dean, Social Studies  LR 307 tblackmon@nvcc.edu  703.450.7320
Beverly Ellerbe Office Manager LR 304 bellerbe@nvcc.edu  703.450.2505
Nancy Ferguson Office Services Specialist  LR 304 nferguson@nvcc.edu  703.450.2505
Elsy Pineda de Giron Office Services Specialist  LR 304 elpinedadegiron@nvcc.edu 703.450.2505


Department  Name Faculty Rank Office Email
Art Donald Depuydt Professor  LW 315 ddepuydt@nvcc.edu
Art Jennifer Noone Assistant Professor LW 315 jnoone@nvcc.edu
Art History Lucy Weber  Instructor  LW 315 lwebster@nvcc.edu 
Communication Studies & Theatre Amy Hileman Assistant Professor SH 150-2 ahileman@nvcc.edu 
Communication Studies & Theatre Dr. Carolyn Hurley Associate Professor HEC 218-E churley@nvcc.edu 
Communication Studies & Theatre Susan Idziak Assistant Professor Reston 324-F sidziak@nvcc.edu 
Communication Studies & Theatre Josh Pachter Instructor  HEC 204-A jpatcher@nvcc.edu 
Early Childhood Development Susan Johnson Associate Professor SH 150-3 sjohnson@nvcc.edu 
Economics Dr. Gbago Creppy Professor  SH 116 gcreepy@nvcc.edu 
Economics Michael Polcen  Associate Professor HEC 218-B mpolcen@nvcc.edu 
English Holly Abbe Instructor  SH 150-1 habbe@nvcc.edu 
English Catherine Chaney Assistant Professor LC 220 cchaney@nvcc.edu 
English Stephen Clarke Assistant Professor SH 124 sclarke@nvcc.edu 
English Jeremy Cook Associate Professor SH 126 jcook@nvcc.edu 
English Dr. Karen Doheney Associate Professor SH 150-6 kdoheney@nvcc.edu 
English Dr. Frances Gray Associate Professor HEC 218-F fgray@nvcc.edu 
English Heather Jeddy Instructor  LC 234 hjeddy@nvcc.edu 
English Nathan Laslie Professor  LC 314 nleslie@nvcc.edu 
English Dr. Deborah Naquin Professor  LC 228 dnaquin@nvcc.edu 
English Dr. Meena Nayak Professor  LC322 mnayak@nvcc.edu 
English Bridget Pool Associate Professor LC 324 bpool@nvcc.edu 
English Meredith Reynolds Associate Professor SH 150-1 mr-eynolds@nvcc.edu 
English Stacy Eldridge Instructor  SH 124 seldridge@nvcc.edu 
English Michele Rivera  Associate Professor HEC 218-1 mrivera@nvcc.edu 
English Dr. Robyn Russo Associate Professor LC 316 rrusso@nvcc.edu 
English Laura Young Associate Professor LC 224 lsyoung1@nvcc.edu 
English as a Second Language W. Riley Holzberlein Associate Professor Reston 324-E rholzberlein@nvcc.edu 
English as a Second Language Justin Hvitfeldt-Matthews Instructor  SH 150-8 jhmattews@nvcc.edu 
English as a Second Language Kristen Paphitis Instructor  SH-150-4 kpaphitis@nvcc.edu 
English as a Second Language Christopher Soholt Instructor  SH 126 csoholt@nvcc.edu 
Geographic Information Systems  Dr. Michael Harman  Assistant Professor HEC 218-D mharman@nvcc.edu 
Geography Dr. Barbara Crain Associate Professor LC 326 bcrain@nvcc.edu 
Graphic Design Jacqueline Gage Associate Professor LW 315 jgage@nvcc.edu 
Graphic Design Dwayne Treadway Assistant Professor LW 315 dtreadway@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. Douglas Campbell Professor  LC 320 docampbell@nvcc.edu 
History Stephanie Campbell Instructor  SH 150-11 scampbell@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. Alton Carroll Associate Professor HEC 316-G acarroll@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. Marc Dluger Associate Professor SH 150-9 mdluger@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. Charles Evans  Professor  SH 131 cevans@nvcc.edu 
History John Kincheloe Associate Professor HEC 316-A lkincheloe@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. David Porter Professor  HEC 218-C  dporter@nvcc.edu 
Interior Design Lisa Fitzpatrick  Assistant Professor LW 313 lfitzpatrick@nvcc.edu  
Interior Design Kristine Winner Associate Professor LW 313 kwinnerv 
Music Dr. John Wulff Professor  LC 232 jwulff@nvcc.edu 
Music Recording Technology  Sanjay Mishra Associate Professor HEC 110-D smishra@nvcc.edu 
Political Science Jill Mckee Instructor  SH 119 jmckee@nvcc.edu 
Psychology Dr. Ramezan Dowlati Professor  HEC 218-A rdowlati@nvcc.edu 
Psychology Dr. Natasha Foiurquet Associate Professor SH 150-2 nfourquet@nvcc.edu 
Psychology Dr. Rosalyn King Professor  LC 314 rking@nvcc.edu 
Psychology Dr. Georgeana Stratton Professor  SH 116 gstartton@nvcc.edu  
Sociology Dr. Nelson Kofie Associate Professor LC 222 nkofie@nvcc.edu 
Sociology Dr. Tymura McHellen Associate Professor SH 150-6 tmechellen@nvcc.edu 
Spanish  Christopher Blake  Assistant Professor HEC 218-J cblake@nvcc.edu