Welcome to the Northern Virginia Community College Website

Accessibility Navigation:

1. Open Network and Sharing Center.

2. Click on Manage Wireless Networks.

3. Click on Add.

4. Click on Manually Create a network profile.

5. Set the name to NOVA (NVSTU) or NOVAEmployees (NVCC)Security Type 802.1x.

Click on Connect even if network is not broadcasting then click Next.
On next screen click on Change Connection Settings or Double click NOVA or NOVAEmployeesfrom the initial ADD menu. 

6. Check Connect even if network is not broadcasting then click on the Security TAB.

7. Click on the drop down and select Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP), click on Settings.

8. Uncheck the 2 items circled in red then click on Configure.

9. Uncheck Automatically use my Windows Logon.
Click on OK 2 times.  And click on Advanced Settings.

10. Make sure user authentication is selected for Authentication Mode.
Hit OK until you come back to the Manage Wireless Screen, you are now finished.

11. On the lower right, click on Additional information is required to connect to NOVA.

12. Enter Credentials: LAN Username and LAN Password.