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Phone and Cell Phones

These procedures cover the College standards, options and ordering procedures for the desk phone, phone services, cell phone discounts and stipend program.

Use Form 105-045 to request a desk phone and phone services.

College Desk Phones

  1. Faculty, staff and adjunct are provided with a desk phone.
  2. Only CISCO IP Phones may be connected to the College network.
  3. The current standard desk phone is the Cisco 8841.
  4. There is no cost to the department for new phone service or changes that are part of the College network.
  5. Individual departments/campuses are responsible for cost of new cabling.
  6. Requests for new telephone instruments, new lines of service, changes to existing service, and new cabling must be made on Form 105-045.
  7. Requests for changes to the telephone screen programming should be sent to the IT Help Desk.

College Soft Phones

  1. A limited number of Cisco Soft Phones are available for laptop computers. This software lets the laptop function as a regular college telephone on the College network when used with a standard headset and microphone.
  2. Soft Phones require that the laptop be connected to the College through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) the Internet, and may not work in all locations (such as hotels) due to local firewalls.
  3. Requests for Soft Phones must be made on Form 105-045.
  4. Cost for headset/microphone is around $25 at local stores (avoid cheap ones).

Cell Phone Discounts and Stipend Program

  1. Cell Phone Discounts
  2. Cell Phone Stipend Program
  3. Cell Phone Stipend Request Form