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FTP Settings for Faculty

  • students help each other on an assignment

The following settings can be used for any FTP client such as Core FTP, Total Commander and Cyber Duck (Mac).

You must be connected to the VPN first and Auth/TLS should be enabled.

Host: www.nvcc.edu
UserID: nvcc\UserID (same UserID you use at work every day)
Password: same password you use at work

Composer (Web Development tool part of the SeaMonkey suite) is a free Web editor. No knowledge of HTML is needed. Composer has a functional FTP capability that will transfer only html and image files to your NOVA Web folder. To transfer files, such as music, movies or presentations, you will need to download Core FTP.

For more online tutorials click here.

  1. Open Dreamweaver.
  2. From Taskbar, click on site, then new site.
  3. Click on next and type in any name for the website.
  4. Click on next and select, "No, I do not want to use a server technology."
  5. Click on next and select the local folder where you will store your website files.
  6. Type in hostname (www.nvcc.edu)
  7. Type in LAN username (NVCC\UserID)
  8. Type in LAN password 
  9. Select, "No, do not enable check in and check out." and click Next.
  10. Click DONE to finish the configuration.
Core FTP

Platform: Windows

Download Core FTP
  1. Open Core FTP.
  2. For Site name, you can enter anything.
  3. Host/IP/URL is www.nvcc.edu.
  4. Username is NVCC\UserID (that you use at work every day).
  5. Password is the same password you use at work.
  6. Click on connect.
  7. Confirmation will be displayed in the upper left side of core FTP window.
Total Commander

Platform: Windows

Download Total Commander
  1. Open Total Commander.
  2. For first time configuration, go to options/configuration and check “left mouse button (windows standard)”.
  3. From the top menu, click on net/ FTP connect.
  4. Click on the new connection button on the right.
  5. For Session, you can enter anything.
  6. Host/IP/URL is www.nvcc.edu.
  7. Username is NVCC\UserID (that you use at work every day).
  8. Password is the same password you use at work.
  9. Click on connect.

Platform: Mac

Download CyberDuck
  1. Click on CyberDuck Icon from your desktop.
  2. Click on File, then click on Open Connection.
  3. For the server name, type in www.nvcc.edu.
  4. In the log on dialog box that appears, type nvcc/userID (the same one you use to log on to your computer at work every day) in the User Name text field. In the Password text field, type in your password (the same one you use to log on your computer at work every day).
  5. A window will appear containing all of the folders on the server. Find your folder to upload files. (Close the window when done uploading.)