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Letter From a Hybrid Student

Dear Future Hybrid Student,

This letter is to all students who are considering taking a hybrid course next semester. It’s important to let you know that a hybrid course is just as rigorous and demanding as a traditional course taken in a classroom. It requires considerable self-discipline and self-motivation. When I signed up for a course, I had no idea that it was a hybrid English class. I was surprised to learn that we would only be meeting in class once a week. When I heard that, I thought it was wonderful and I was going to have so much free time. I was wrong. Hybrid courses require an unusually high level of commitment on your part.

Procrastination will work against you. The class has a firm calendar of deadlines. In order to do well, you have to meet the deadlines. So my advice to you as a new hybrid student is to try to stay on top of your assignments. Even on the day(s) you don't have to come to class, you still have to be online and do the work. You need to have self-discipline and stay focused while you are doing your work because when you are home doing work, you're going to encounter many distractions.

Planning is very important. I learned more about myself this semester than I would have by taking any other course. I had to teach myself to be self motivated (Ugh!). Start on your assignments early so you can put a lot of thought into what you are writing. Otherwise, you will be rushing to finish an assignment at the last minute. If you are having problems with your assignments, get in touch with your professor right away. He/she will be more than happy to help you. Otherwise he/she will never know what is wrong, and will assume that you didn’t do your work because you were a slacker.

Remember, don’t procrastinate. Be dedicated and focused. Plan well and be organized. Don’t think that the course will be easy just because it's a hybrid class and take yourself seriously as a student. Good luck.

Hybrid Student