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English 112 - Composition II

Course Goal

ENG 112 will teach students to understand and apply rhetorical principles of argument.

Homework Preparation for Class

Due by class time:

  • Read Jeremy Rifkin editorial, 'A Change of Heart About Animals'.
  • Complete Thinking Critically reading questions to bring to class.

Tuesday: Classroom

  • Discuss methods of persuasion -- pathos/ethos/logos.
  • Analyze argument: Jeremy Rifkin editorial.


Write your own letter to the editor. Due Thursday by 11:59 p.m.

Homework Preparation for Online Class

  • Watch video: 'Persuasive Appeals: Pathos Ethos Logos'.
  • Read 'Three Ways to Persuade', by John Edlund

Thursday: Online Class

  • Post mini-assignment on persuasion to discussion board.
  • Respond to at least three of your classmates work with a suggestion for how he or she could use pathos, ethos or logos to make a stronger case for his/her position.

Kerry Grannis