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Chinese 102 - Beginning Chinese

Course Goal

Conjunction Phrases using one same phrase: haishi (还是) and hai shi … ba (还是 … 吧)

To clarify the confusing grammar usage of two similar phrases by strengthening the grammar point of (or) 还是 (hai shi) and (had better) 还是吧 (hai shi ba).

This structure (还是吧 haishi … ba, had better) can be used to signify making a selection after considering two or more options. Sometimes in making such a decision, one is forced to give up one’s preference.

This exercise should engage students in clarifying the correct usage of phrases in conversation in situations such as:

  • What do you think we should watch tomorrow, a movie or a ball game? 你(nǐ)说(shuō), 明(míng)天(tiān)看(kàn)电(diàn)影(yǐng)还(hái)是(shì)看(kàn)球(q)?
  • Let’s see a movie. 还(hái)是(shì)看(kàn)电(diàn)影(yǐng)吧(ba)。)

Homework Preparation for Online Class

  • Follow up on last week’s assignment of listening to dialogue #1 of Lesson 10 on the audio CD, working on dialogue I vocabulary list and part one of Lesson 10 workbook.
  • Tone marker reviews and extra handwriting practices online assignments -- students need to download assignment pages and complete them by hand in order to practice tone markers and character writing.

Online Class

  • Students are required to post “a letter to my new pen pal” assignment homework on Canvas.
  • Comment on three of their classmate's letters with a suggestion by asking questions, providing constructive criticism and providing insight.

Homework Preparation for Face-to-Face Class

Review Lesson 10 dialogues 1 and 2 orally intensively with the focus on student’s pronunciation of tones. For follow-up: Students will be paired into two per group and work on oral fluency of the dialogues.

Tuesday: Classroom

Students will share their homework assignment in class and then complete oral practice conversations focusing on this structure. Students will work on Lesson dialogue sections that contain “haishi” grammar structure.

Homework for Next Week

  • On Canvas under practice exercises, do the exercise on language points on Lesson 10.
  • Browse Merlot (click foreign language, Chinese) and look for relevant information

Mei-Jean Barth