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Recycle Your Hybrid Course

Best Practices

  1. Copy: Copy your “old” hybrid Blackboard site into a Blackboard shell ahead of time. Don't wait until the beginning of the semester!
  2. Clean Out: Clean out previous semester’s materials from your recycled Blackboard site. Students should not have to wade through multiple semesters of work. If you want to keep something but not show it to students, you can make the folder/file INVISIBLE.
  3. Check/Reorder: After your Blackboard site has been copied, you will probably need to reorder your menu on the left and delete items that duplicate. Delete or hide Menu Item folders that are empty. Some empty areas may be created during course copy.
  4. Current Dates: If you are reusing folders from a previous semester, put the current semester’s date on Weeks/Assignments/Folders, etc. If you use specific dates for assignments please check that they have been updated for the correct semester.
  5. Links: If you have links to audio, video or graphics make sure they are all working and not broken.
  6. Textbooks: Compare Bb textbook information with what is listed at the bookstore site.
  7. Discussion Board:
    • If you use the Discussion Board, make sure that you don’t have old messages from previous students or irrelevant Forums from the previous semester visible. Forums can be recycled, but student's messages must be deleted by you.
    • Check the Discussion Forums to delete previous semester comments (copy over as “Anonymous”) and check to make sure all threads you’ve created are still in place.
    • If your forums are structured so that students must respond to threads you start, you will have to modify the forum to allow new threads, recreate the threads and then modify the forum again to disallow new threads.
  8. Announcements: You can make old Announcements invisible between certain dates.
  9. Availability: At the end of the semester, make sure your old hybrid Blackboard site is Unavailable and that your new hybrid site is Available.
  10. Inclement Weather: Link to the Inclement Weather NOVA news feed, especially during winter months.
  11. Students With Disabilities: Add the statement from the Student Handbook for services for disabilities under Course Information.