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Hybrid Course Teaching Ideas

Best Practices

External Links:

  • Review pertinent Web-based material on your subject and present only the most useful under a course menu button called External Links.
  • Provide up-to-date, relevant material created by and for professionals in the field. You can give students assignments based on their exploration of this material to answer their own questions and share the results with the class.

Mini Surveys:

  • Create mini surveys to be administered throughout the semester asking students for feedback about assignments and tasks. For example, ask three or four questions after each exam about the synchronous process and its effectiveness as it relates to the exam topics and assignments.
  • Use the Anonymous selection for Discussion Board.


At the beginning of the semester, break students into small groups to discuss:

  • What safety and trust mean to them?
  • How can we make the class feel safe for them to share their opinions and ideas?
  • What they want the class and teacher to do if someone accidentally disrespects them via 'flaming' since emotions do not easily translate online?


  • Make connections between the work done on the discussion board and in-class activities. When there is a disjoint between the discussions online and the follow-up in class, the online work is perceived as busy work.
  • Build class activities and seed discussions by drawing on what people wrote on the boards leading up to the class session.
  • Start off a face-to-face class by asking students to respond to the comments of students from previous online classes, thus blending the online and live experiences.