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Hybrid Training Opportunities

Former and present faculty who want to teach hybrid courses should register for the Hybrid Certification Program. Training is offered through ELI.

Hybrid Instruction Certification Program

To teach a hybrid course at the college, you are required to be hybrid certified. The hybrid certification workshop is three weeks in length and is conducted online in Canvas. It is entirely online and asynchronous. There are no live meetings to attend, virtually or in-person. Simply complete the assignments at your convenience, so long as you meet course/assignment deadlines.

Registration is now open via the Technology Training Center, and closes at noon on the Friday before the workshop start date. To register, log in to NOVA Academy.

Please note that Canvas proficiency is a prerequisite for taking the hybrid certification training.  If you have not established your proficiency yet, you will need to complete the Canvas Basics workshop before you can take the hybrid certification training. The workshops are scheduled during the spring, summer and fall semesters so that you can complete both Canvas Basics and Hybrid Certification to prepare you to teach in a specific semester.

If you have questions about the workshops or trouble registering, please contact the Technology Training Center (technologytrainingcenter@nvcc.edu).