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Adjuncts Hiring Process

Hiring an Adjunct

Adjuncts are hired at the campus level by the Academic Dean. HR creates a pool of qualified adjuncts by posting a position in NATS. When the Dean is ready to start the hiring process, they can look for qualified candidates by reviewing the pool and select candidate(s) to hire.

Employment Terms and Conditions

Adjunct faculty are employed to teach up to 12 credit hours in the fall and spring semester and/or up-to eight credit hours during the summer session. The teaching load is based on student enrollment and staffing needs.

Instruction may be during the day, evening, or weekend. Compensation is per credit hour and based upon rank. The adjunct faculty appointment offers no guarantee of continued employment.

Please check our SharePoint Adjunct Hiring & Onboarding Site for additional information and guides.

Please note: Sharepoint only works from within the College (computers physically located at the College or from Remote Desktop and VPN connections).