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FAQ - PeopleSoft

Personal Information Questions

Why can’t I change my email address?

Business and VCCS email addresses cannot be edited by employees; however, you can add an email address. Employees can edit personal address information and emergency contacts.

Timesheet Questions

Who needs to fill out a timesheet?

Salaried non-exempt employees (P3), wage/hourly employees (P14), and work study students need to fill out timesheets.

Who can approve a timesheet?

Only the employee’s manager/immediate supervisor, assigned backup approver, or HR Dataops is authorized to approve timesheets.

Do I have to enter time and submit time every day?

Yes. All non-exempt, wage/hourly, and work study employees must enter time and submit their timesheet daily.

What is the specific deadline for managers to approve timesheets?

Managers and supervisors have 24 business hours to approve time after the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on the final day of each pay period.

Is an email notification sent to the employee and supervisor upon timesheet final approval (by supervisor) for a pay period?

There is no email notification sent after timesheets are approved. You can check the status of your submitted time by following these navigational steps in HRMS:

Main menu > Manager self-service > Time management > View time > Payable time detail

This will identify the approval status as either Needs Approval, Approved, or Distributed.

How do I enter extra daily time worked, especially when it is unexpected?

Enter all time worked hours as Regular Time. The system will automatically calculate any Overtime (OT) or Compensatory Time to be paid.

Will I get to specify my overtime as paid or compensatory?

No. Overtime and Compensatory Time will be paid out.

Why are the scheduled hours showing different than the submitted hours?

'Scheduled hours' are the total number of hours you are scheduled to work in a pay period. 'Reported hours' are the actual hours that are reported on the timesheet.

I am a P-14 working part time. When I do not work, should I enter zero hours for the days I am out when I submit my timesheet?

Wage employees (P-14, College work study and Federal work study) only submit hours worked. They do not enter zero into the timesheet.

How do I enter my time in the event of a weather or non-weather related emergency school closing?

Wage employees do not enter any hours for days not worked. However, salaried non- exempt employees will select EMGCY – Inclement weather/Emergency closing when the College is closed due to inclement weather or non-weather related emergency.

Absence Request Questions

If I am taking several partial days of leave, can I enter one absence request to cover multiple partial days in the same time period?

No. In this case, you must submit a separate absence request for each day.

Can I request absence-based leave such as Military, Civil or Organ Donation via HRMS Self Service?

Absence based leave such as Military, Civil, Organ Donation, etc. cannot be requested via the Self-Service page as policy requires you go through the approval process prior to taking these types of leave. Please contact dataops@nvcc.edu.

Can I request absence-based leave such as Family Medical Leave (FML) and Short-term Disability?

Absence based leave such as Family Medical Leave (FML) and Short-term Disability cannot be requested via the Self-Service page as policy requires you go through the approval process prior to taking these types of leave. Please contact or benefits team at benefits@nvcc.edu.

I submitted an Absence Request using the wrong leave code. What do I do?

Check your leave balances to identify the correct leave codes before submitting the leave request. The Navigation is Self Service > Time Reporting > View Time > Absence Balances. If you have entered and submitted the wrong leave code and your supervisor has not yet approved, ask your supervisor to “Push Back” the absence request. You will then need to access your absence request history to edit the leave and resubmit for approval. If your supervisor has already approved your request, please, contact dataops@nvcc.edu for assistance.

If there is an emergency closing and I already had approved leave for that day, how can I undo the leave taken?

If the leave has not been approved, ask your supervisor to “Push Back” the request for you to cancel by accessing your absence request history. If the leave has already been approved, you will need to email dataops@nvcc.edu for assistance.

How do I create an Absence Request that includes a holiday which falls in the middle of my vacation (e.g. taking Monday - Friday off with a holiday falling on that Wednesday)?

To insure accurate leave balances, request leave around holidays using two separate leave requests. In the above example, create an Absence Request for Monday - Tuesday and a second request for Thursday - Friday.

I would like to have a reminder emailed for an impending saved absence request.

The system was not delivered with this feature.

I entered my time in PeopleSoft and the PeopleSoft request did not go to my supervisor.

The request should go to the individual you report directly to. Contact dataops@nvcc.edu to report such issues.

Manager's Corner

What is the specific deadline for managers to approve timesheets?

Managers and supervisors have 24 business hours to approve time after the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on the final day of each pay period. Please refer to the payroll frequency calendars to track approval deadlines.

If my salaried non-exempt employee does not work the standard Monday – Friday 40-hour work week (8 hours a day) how can I update the schedule in HRMS?

Contact Human Resources at dataops@nvcc.edu and provide them with the employees working schedule and effective date. Anytime a schedule is changed, HR must be notified to ensure that leave is calculated correctly.

How are backup approvers being integrated into PeopleSoft?

Each supervisor is responsible for assigning a backup approver to assist with timesheet approvals during their absence or other technical difficulties. HR should serve as a last resort for assistance for timesheet approvals.

How can we see the running total of hours worked by P-14s?

The timesheet in Time and Labor will track P14 hours. Supervisors are encouraged to keep track of their P14 hours to ensure compliance. If a report is needed, please email dataops@nvcc.edu and request a report showing the total hours reported. Please include the dates of your request.

What should the Start and End Date be when Approving Payable Time?

Enter the start and end dates of the relevant pay period for the employee(s) you are approving time. Please refer to the payroll frequency calendars on the NOVA website.

Why can I not see my employees’ timesheets when I go to approve their time?

There is a lag in the time period for when a supervisor can identify pending timesheets. The current time administration process is scheduled to run every 3 hours beginning at
12 am each day. Therefore, if you cannot see an employee’s time for approval, it is most likely that he/she has not “Submitted” the time or it has not been processed by time administration. Once this process completes you may proceed to review and approve the timesheet.

How should an employee report attendance when attending a conference or training event in HRMS PeopleSoft?

Conference/training time are considered regular hours if approved in advance by your supervisor. If someone wants to attend a conference on their own time, then he/she would use their leave accordingly.

Please direct all outstanding questions to dataops@nvcc.edu.