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Employee Emergency Assistance Fund

The Employee Emergency Assistance Fund was created to assist NOVA employees who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship. The information below applies only to staff and faculty.

The Employee Emergency Assistance Fund is possible because of the support of the NOVA Educational Foundation and NOVA employees.

If you are a NOVA student looking for financial assistance, please apply for the Student Emergency Grant.

How to Apply

Submit your application to the NOVA Employee Emergency Assistance fund.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an active employee, full‐time or part‐time, with at least six months of continuous service at the time the application is submitted. NOVA students who are employed by the College are not eligible.
  • Have experienced a verifiable, temporary financial hardship because of an emergency situation within six months of date of application.
  • Have not received a grant award through NOVA’s Employee Emergency Assistance Fund within the current fiscal year, regardless of the amount total awarded.
  • Have considered other possible resources which either were not available or are not enough.
  • Be able to provide documentation verifying the need for funds.

Program Information

  • The program is administered through the NOVA Office of Human Resources and a committee comprised of the Executive Director of the NOVA Educational Foundation (or his/her designee), the Associate Vice President of Human Resources (or his/her designee) and three at-large members who are NOVA employees appointed by the College Senate .
  • The committee will review the application within three days of receipt and decide if it meets established program criteria.
  • The President of NOVA and the Executive Director of the NOVA Foundation will send a confidential award letter on behalf of the committee and the Foundation.
  • If approved, payment is made directly to the employee’s creditor/service provider whenever possible. If the award must be paid directly to the applicant, it is considered a special payment and CAPP Manual policies and procedures will apply.
  • Funds will be granted no more than once per fiscal year per employee with a maximum grant award of $750.00. Applicants who receive less than the maximum limit are not eligible to apply for an additional grant.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained at all times. Only Human Resources and the Executive Director of the NOVA Foundation will have access to names and any applicant identifying information. The information provided on the application will only be used for purposes of assessing and awarding funds under this program.
  • Additional information/documentation beyond what is requested on the application may be required in order for the committee to render a decision. The committee will not consider an application unless all requested documentation is submitted by the applicant.

How to Give

Contributing to the fund is your opportunity to help other college employees. Your gift will support our employees during times of financial hardship. You can help by making a one-time gift or a regular monthly donation through payroll deduction. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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