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Core Skills ESL Low-Intermediate

If your ACLI placement test result is Core Skills ESL Low-Intermediate, you may have to take one or more classes depending on the campus.

They are:

  • ESLA 1714/1724  Integrated Skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
  • ESLA 1734/1744  Speaking & Listening
  • ESLA 1754/1764  Reading & Writing Skills

Visit the campus of your choice and click on the Schedule of ACLI Classes to find out which courses are offered.

Students in Core Skills ESL Low-Intermediate

When students enter Core Skills ESL Low-Intermediate, they are able to express their ideas and opinions in both speaking and writing. They are usually able to understand native speakers on a variety of topics. When they hear a news broadcast, they can identify the main idea. They are able to write simple, compound and complex sentences in a paragraph. In reading, they can identify the main idea and details in readings prepared for ESL students at a low-intermediate level. They may also comprehend some simple authentic reading materials. They generally have a good vocabulary and are able to guess the meaning of new vocabulary from context.

In Core Skills ESL Low-Intermediate Classes

  • Students write well-developed paragraphs with a topic sentence, details and conclusion. Paragraphs include narratives, descriptions and opinions. They improve editing skills.
  • Students improve summarizing skills in writing and reading.
  • Students identify main idea and details of a reading. They use skimming and scanning skills. They understand new vocabulary through context.
  • Students learn grammar through reading, writing, teacher instruction and practice exercises.
  • They work in groups to express opinions about current topics.
  • They prepare oral presentations on current topics.
  • They practice proper pronunciation, stress and intonation.