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Core Skills ESL Intro

If your ACLI placement test result is Core Skills ESL Intro, you may have to take one or more classes depending on the campus.

They are:

  • ESLA 1710/1720  Integrated Skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
  • ESLA 1730/1740  Speaking & Listening
  • ESLA 1750/1760  Reading & Writing Skills

Visit the campus of your choice and click on the Schedule of ACLI Classes to find out which courses are offered there. 

Students in Core Skills ESL Intro

When students enter Core Skills ESL Intro, they can answer simple questions with a few words, but they cannot speak much English. They may not understand spoken English, even when it is spoken slowly and clearly. They are generally able to write a few words in English, or perhaps some incomplete sentences. They know the English alphabet and can read words and some simple, basic readings in beginning-level texts written for ESL learners.

In Core Skills ESL Intro Classes

  • Students write short sentences about familiar topics such as family, customs and jobs. They work on structured writing following a model and free writing in journals.
  • Students do in-class pre-reading exercises followed by reading basic level readings. They discuss general understanding of the readings and new vocabulary. 
  • They learn grammar through the readings, teacher instruction and practice exercises.
  • They use questions and answers to form conversations about everyday tasks.
  • They model and practice proper pronunciation for everyday conversations.