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Levels of Intensive English

The Intensive English Program (IEP) has six levels—from beginning to high-intermediate. In addition, advanced students who want to stay in the ACLI may take Specialty Courses that will meet the requirements of those on F-1 visas.

What will I study in the IEP?

You will take a combination of “core” courses that emphasize essential language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking at all levels in the IEP. You will improve your fluency and accuracy when expressing ideas in writing and speaking, and increase your reading and listening comprehension of academic English. In addition, you can choose from “elective” courses that offer an in-depth understanding in topics such as Test Taking Skills, American English Pronunciation, and Vocabulary and Spelling. “Elective” course topics may vary by semester.

In every class, you will work with your classmates in pairs and small groups. This will help you to meet the participation expectations of academic classrooms in the United States. You will also give formal presentations and learn to take notes in English.

Click on the links in the box on the right to see descriptions of each IEP level.

Placement into the IEP

Students need to take the ACLI placement test in order to determine their level of English before registering for classes. The ACLI placement test is 30-minute writing test and an oral interview. You should contact the campus of your choice to find out how to take the ACLI placement test on that campus.

After you get your placement results, you can register for classes. You can use placement results from one campus to register at any NOVA ACLI.

If you place into the highest IEP level on the ACLI placement test and want to get a degree from NOVA, you may choose to take the ACCUPLACER, the placement test for College ESL. If you place into level 4 in the College ESL program, you can change your language I-20 to an academic I-20. This process can take several days. You should arrive early if you think this may be a possibility for you.