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ESLA 1972 and ESLA 1982

Students who have studied some English enroll in ESLA 1972 and ESLA 1982. They continue to gain fluency and language control in these two classes. They improve their listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary and writing, and they learn basic English grammar skills.

Students entering ESLA 1972 and ESLA 1982 can usually read simplified stories and articles that are written for ESL students at the beginning level. They are able to identify the main idea and some details and recognize common vocabulary in such texts. Students demonstrate an ability to write several sentences using simple tenses about a familiar topic. They use basic vocabulary and simple sentences to converse about everyday life. They have basic listening skills and are able to understand simple questions and passages at a beginning level.

In ESLA 1972 and ESLA 1982:

  • Students read simplified and some authentic materials including stories and articles. They identify and restate the important ideas from short readings and write compositions in order to develop reading skills and critical thinking.
  • They write multiple drafts of simple paragraphs and practice revising and editing skills.
  • They listen to simplified passages and develop listening skills for social situations. They practice rephrasing main ideas about the listening passage.
  • They participate in class and group discussions on topics of personal interest. They give short presentations on prepared topics.