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ESLA 1971 and ESLA 1981

Students who already know some English enroll in ESLA 1971 and ESLA 1981. They improve their listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary and writing, and they learn some basic English grammar skills. 

Students entering ESLA 1971 and ESLA 1981 should be able to comprehend simplified texts that are written for ESL students at the beginning level. They are able to identify the main idea and some details and recognize some vocabulary in such readings. Students know the English alphabet and can write a few basic sentences about simple and familiar subjects. They use basic vocabulary to communicate ideas about personal information and everyday life. They have basic listening skills and can identify and recall facts presented orally as long as the information is presented slowly and clearly and repeated if necessary. They are usually able to respond to simple questions about personal information.

In ESLA 1971 and ESLA 1981:

  • Students read simplified materials that have been produced for ESL students at their level. They identify main ideas and some details from the readings.
  • They practice writing basic sentences about simple and familiar subjects. They practice basic punctuation use and subject-verb agreement for the simple present and past tenses. Editing skills are introduced at the sentence level.
  • They listen to simplified passages and develop listening skills for social situations. They identify main ideas in listening passages.
  • They participate in class and group discussions on topics of personal interest and everyday life. They sometimes speak to their classmates on prepared topics.