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ESLA 1970 and ESLA 1980

Students who have not studied much English enroll in ESLA 1970 and ESLA 1980. They improve their listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary and writing in these two classes.

Students entering ESLA 1970 and ESLA 1980 may be able to comprehend very short simplified texts that are written for ESL students at the beginning level. They may be able to identify some details and recognize vocabulary in short, simplified stories. They may know the English alphabet, but have difficulty writing or write slowly. They know some basic vocabulary and use it to communicate simple ideas. They may be able to understand simple oral commands and basic questions about personal information with repetition.

In ESLA 1970 and ESLA 1980:

  • Students read simplified materials that have been produced for ESL students at their level. They identify important ideas from short readings in order to increase vocabulary and develop reading skills.
  • They practice the alphabet and write words and basic sentences about personal information.
  • They listen to simplified passages and develop listening skills for social situations. They practice identifying main ideas in listening passages.
  • They participate in class and group discussions on topics of personal interest and everyday life.