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Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) in the American Culture and Language Institute welcomes students from 130 countries. Many students enroll full time in the program, often with F-1 visas. Others may enroll full time or part time according to their academic goals.

Goals of the Intensive English Program

The IEP is an academic ESL program. Our goal is to help students meet the entrance requirements for NOVA's College ESL program, at which time they may begin taking introductory general education (credit) courses along with College ESL reading and writing courses. Another IEP goal is to prepare students to enter a university in the United States. We also help many students achieve their goals of language proficiency for self-improvement or better employment.

In addition to working on academic English skills, IEP students participate in a variety of cultural and social experiences offered by the ACLI, Student Activities Offices and other student organizations on each campus.

After the Intensive English Program

If you have F-1 visa status and you want to get a degree from NOVA, you will take the Bridge Writing Test when you complete the highest level in the IEP. The Bridge Writing Test is administered and scored by College ESL faculty. Successful results will place you in College ESL Level 4, at which time you can begin taking courses that will lead to your degree.

If you receive an advanced placement and want to remain in an intensive English program, the ACLI has Specialty Courses at higher levels that will meet the requirements of those on F-1 visas.

If you do not have F-1 visa status and want to move into the College ESL program, you may take the College ESL placement test when you think your level is at least low intermediate. This test is called ACCUPLACER. You need to score at least 225 on the ACCUPLACER to enter the College ESL program at Level 2.

Levels of Study

There are six levels in the IEP from beginning to high-intermediate. A placement test will determine your level of English and which classes you should take. Full-time students study between 18 and 20 hours a week.

Application Information

If you want to take classes in the ACLI IEP, please be sure to check CEU when you are filling out your NOVA application.

If you want to move from the IEP into College ESL, please resubmit your application and check credit.