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Visiting/Transient College Students

NOVA welcomes transient students who are attending other universities to take advantage of our summer course offerings. Make the most of your time -- enroll in a class at NOVA and transfer the credits to your home college or university.

NOTE: NOVA has an On-Time Registration Policy. All students are required to register by 11:59 p.m. the day before the session begins. Please allow sufficient time to complete the steps needed to register on-time. For more information about NOVA’s On-Time Registration Policy go to:

Follow This Step-by-Step Checklist to Get Started:

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1. Apply for Admission

Submit an application for admission: Online | Download Application

  • Indicate that you are currently pursuing a degree at another institution.
  • View admissions dates.

2. Submit Required Documentation

Submit the following information to the Student Services Center at your NOVA campus:

  • Contact information (name, mailing address, email address and phone number)
  • EMPL ID (found on application)
  • Name of current college or four-year university
  • Requested courses and desired NOVA campus
    • Students wishing to register for entry-level college courses must provide one of the following:
      • Official or unofficial transcript from the college/university
      • Official notice from the college/university that grants permission for credit transfer.
    • Students wishing to register for courses that have a college-level prerequisite must provide one of the following:
      • Official or unofficial transcript from the college/university
      • Official notice from the college/university that acknowledges completion of the prerequisite course

3. Activate Your Email Account

Activate your free email account.

  • To protect your privacy, instructors may only use a student's official NOVA email address.
  • You will receive updates on course changes and other pertinent information through your NOVA email account.

4. Register for Classes

Enroll online with NOVAConnect. First-time students are encouraged to enroll in SDV 100 or another student development course during their first semester.

5. Pay Your Tuition

Pay online by credit card through NOVAConnect. When you enroll for classes, you must pay by the payment deadline. Unpaid classes may be dropped from your schedule.

6. Check Your Enrollment Schedule

Print a copy of your enrollment schedule from NOVAConnect or call 703.323.3770 or 703.330.3770 (Prince William County) to check your classes and payment status.

  • Verify that you are enrolled in the correct courses.
  • Print a copy of your enrollment schedule every time you make a change.

7. Buy Your Books

Print your schedule of classes and take it to your campus bookstore or buy your books online.

8. Buy a Parking Permit

You can buy your parking permit online through Parking Services using your credit card 24 hours after you enroll for classes. You can also pay for a permit by cash or check at any of the campus Parking Services offices.

  • Parking permits are required for all semesters/sessions of enrollment.
  • Permits are required for all vehicles parked in all lots (except parking meters and hourly pay lots).
    • Student permits are valid only in "B" lots.
  • To use the parking garages at the Annandale and Medical Education Campuses, you must have a NOVACard ID and a parking permit.
    • Hourly pay parking is available in the garages for those without a current permit and ID card.

9. Get Your NOVACard Student Identification

Get your free NOVACard 24 hours after you enroll for classes. It also serves as your library card and can be used for copying and on campus and a variety of discounts.