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Educational Foundation Scholarship

Starting a Scholarship

  • Who do I contact to start a scholarship?

    If you are interested in starting a scholarship, please contact Kelly Persons at kpersons@nvcc.edu or 703-323-3082. She will explain the process of starting a scholarship at NOVA.

  • How much money is needed to start a scholarship?

    To be able to name a scholarship, we ask for a minimum of $500 donation.

  • What is the difference between a scholarship and an endowed scholarship?

    A scholarship is money that is donated once or every year, for the exact amount of the scholarship to be awarded. Endowed scholarships are gifts of $25,000 and the scholarship awarded is based on the interest earned.

  • I just want to donate an existing scholarship, is that possible?

    Yes! Many of our scholarship winners count on scholarship funds to be able to continue at NOVA. No amount is too small. Any amount you are able to donate will make a difference in the life of a student.

For Existing Scholarship Donors

  • I have questions about my scholarship, who do I contact?

    You can contact Kelly Persons at kpersons@nvcc.edu or 703-323-3082 with questions about your scholarship.

  • When should I submit changes for my scholarship announcement?

    Scholarship announcement changes are due on December 1 for the Spring and Summer cycles and July 1 for the Fall cycle.

  • Who reviews the scholarship application?

    It is up to the donor how the selection will be made. The application is submitted online at AcademicWorks. The review can be done by a campus committee, the Financial Aid Selection Committee, or by the donor. The donor can choose to see all the applicants to make a selection, just the top applicants to make a selection, or just see the final selection made by the committee.

  • I want to change/add committee members to my review selection committee, who should I contact?

    You can contact Kelly Persons at kpersons@nvcc.edu with the names and email addresses of who you want to add to the committee.