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Educational Foundation Scholarship

The NVCC Educational Foundation is proud to provide over 500 scholarships, totaling over $600,000 that is disbursed annually. We would be unable to assist in helping NOVA students achieve their educational goals without the support of our gracious donors.

Scholarships are an important aspect of the Educational Foundation’s mission and the mission of NOVA. Every year, students have to decide between rent, food, gas, car repairs or paying for tuition. Money donated to the Educational Foundation for scholarships guarantees that many of NOVA’s students will not have to make that choice and can focus on their academics instead.

The Financial Aid Office works in collaboration with the NVCC Educational Foundation to make sure scholarships are awarded in compliance with all applicable policies. If you have a specific question about a student’s financial aid status, please contact the Financial Aid office.

The NVCC Educational Foundation offers one-time scholarships, annual scholarships and endowed scholarships. Students can apply online at AcademicWorks.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Scholarship Applicants

When are applications open?

There are three scholarship cycles: Spring, Summer and Fall. Scholarships for the Fall semester open in January and are available until mid-March. There is a second scholarship cycle in the Summer that opens in mid-June and runs until mid-July. In September through October, nursing and health professions scholarships are open for the current semester and the following Spring. Occasionally, scholarships are offered outside of the cycle; please check with AcademicWorks to see which scholarships are currently open.

I am having trouble logging into AcademicWorks, what should I do?
Do I really have to write an essay?
Yes! The essay helps the scholarship committee learn about you, your educational goals and gives you the opportunity to explain anything in your application that might help the committee make a more informed decision. Essays are reviewed carefully and play an important role in the selection process, so it is strongly suggested you reach out to the writing center on your campus for help.
When should I expect to hear back about my scholarship?

Spring Cycle: By the end of May

Summer Cycle: By the beginning of August

Fall Cycle: By the end of December

How will I be notified that I was awarded a scholarship?
You will receive an email from mbramley@nvcc.edu notifying you that you were awarded a scholarship. You will need to fill out a form and you are required to write a thank you letter before your scholarship is posted to your account. In most instances, these forms are available for submission via AcademicWorks.
I am graduating, can I still apply?
Only scholarships that specifically state they are for graduating students. Otherwise, Spring and Summer scholarship cycles are for the following academic year and the Fall scholarship cycle is for the current academic year.
I already received a degree (associate's, bachelor's, master's, doctorate, etc.), can I still apply for a scholarship?,
Yes! Scholarships are open to all NOVA students.
How much scholarship money can I be awarded?
Per NVCC Educational Foundation Policy, you can only be awarded up to $4,000 per academic year. You are still eligible to get outside support over $4,000, which will not affect your scholarship award amount. Scholarship awards help meet the needs of students applying for other types of financial aid (Federal, State, Institutional, etc.). The total of applicable funds cannot exceed need. The total of all dollars received, need-based and non-need-based, cannot exceed NOVA’s Cost of Attendance. Please consult the Financial Aid office If you have any questions.

For Scholarship Winners

How do I write a Thank You letter?
Address the letter to "The Donors of the Name of the Scholarship". Please do not address the letter to Mary Bramley or the NVCC Educational Foundation or the selection committee. We appreciate the letter, but they are really for the donor(s). In your letter, include a little about yourself, your major, career goals, and how the awarded money will help you achieve your goals. Many of the donors have never seen your application, so they know very little about you. They really do cherish thank you letters that tell them about you.
I am no longer taking classes in the Fall, but will be in the Spring, can I keep my scholarship?
Yes, as long as you contact Mary Bramley before July 1. After July 1, there is no guarantee that your scholarship will still be available and the scholarship will be awarded to someone else.
When can I use my scholarships?
Scholarships awarded in the Spring and Summer cycles are for the following Fall, Spring and Summer. Fall awards are for the current semester, the following spring and summer sessions. For example, scholarships awarded in May 2015, will be used for Fall 2015, Spring 2016, and Summer 2016. That scholarship cannot be used for Summer 2015. There are no exceptions to this policy.
What can I use my scholarship money for?
Per NVCC Educational Foundation Policy, scholarship money can only be used for tuition, required books and supplies.
I didn’t use all my scholarship money, can I use some in the summer?
Yes, if you have left over scholarship money after the Fall and Spring Semester, contact Mary Bramley at mbramley@nvcc.edu to have your leftover money added to your Summer financial aid.
I have questions about my Financial Aid, who should I contact?
You should contact the Financial Aid office.

Starting a Scholarship

  • Who do I contact to start a scholarship?

    If you are interested in starting a scholarship, please contact Mary Bramley at mbramley@nvcc.edu or 703.323.3023. She will explain the process of starting a scholarship at NOVA.

  • How much money is needed to start a scholarship?

    To be able to name a scholarship, we ask for a minimum of $500 donation.

  • What is the difference between a scholarship and an endowed scholarship?

    A scholarship is money that is donated once or every year, for the exact amount of the scholarship to be awarded. Endowed scholarships are gifts of $25,000 and the scholarship awarded is based on the interest earned.

  • I just want to donate an existing scholarship, is that possible?

    Yes! Many of our scholarship winners count on scholarship funds to be able to continue at NOVA. No amount is too small. Any amount you are able to donate will make a difference in the life of a student.

For Existing Scholarship Donors

  • I have questions about my scholarship, who do I contact?

    You can contact Mary Bramley at mbramley@nvcc.edu or 703.323.3023 with questions about your scholarship.

  • When should I submit changes for my scholarship announcement?

    Scholarship announcement changes are due on December 1 for the Spring and Summer cycles and July 1 for the Fall cycle.

  • Who reviews the scholarship application?

    It is up to the donor how the selection will be made. The application is submitted online at AcademicWorks. The review can be done by a campus committee, the Financial Aid Selection Committee, or by the donor. The donor can choose to see all the applicants to make a selection, just the top applicants to make a selection, or just see the final selection made by the committee.

  • I want to change/add committee members to my review selection committee, who should I contact?

    You can contact Mary Bramley at mbramley@nvcc.edu with the names and email addresses of who you want to add to the committee.