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Tips for Faculty and Staff

Are you experiencing a financial emergency related to COVID-19? Please submit an emergency grant application using this link to the COVID-19 Emergency Student Emergency Grant Application.

Tips for Faculty and Staff

How Can I Help My Students?

  • Communicate to your students that you are there for them and communicating about personal challenges will not affect their grade-most students’ talk to a professor first!
  • Talk about the resources NOVA provides and encourage them to utilize them.
  • Invite campus resources (e.g. Single Stop, NOVACares) to come speak to your students.

Signs a Student May Be Struggling

  • Missing class often
  • Constantly asking for extensions on assignments or receiving incompletes
  • Sleeping in Class
  • Unable to Follow Lectures
  • Homeless
  • Unemployed
  • Behavior Changes

Add information into your classes

  • Syllabus Clause & Contact Information
  • Schedule a FSP In-Class Presentation – SDV In-Class Presentation Request Form
  • Financial Coach Presentation & Short Meetings
  • Extra Credit for Attending Events & Workshops
  • Disseminate information on Food Pantries, Public Benefits Help, Financial Coaching, Free Tax Prep Workshops, etc.

Financial Stability Program’s SDV In-Class Presentation Request

SDV classes are great for students to explore NOVA’s resources during their early years. Financial Stability Program can visit your SDV classes and present the overview of our program!

If you are interested in having someone from NOVA's Financial Stability Program present in one of your class sessions, please submit the In-Class Presentation Request Form.