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Professional Development

Professional Development


Professional development is that growth in qualifications that faculty members achieve beyond the qualifications upon which they were granted their first appointment to the NOVA faculty. It is characterized by increasing competence to perform the particular functions of the professional position to which they have been appointed.

The College believes that the professional development of faculty members is essential in the continuing improvement of its service to the community and in the accomplishment of its goals. Accordingly, the College both supports policies and procedures leading to professional development and expects faculty members to initiate appropriate action to develop their own professional competence.

Although the College provides some support through available funding and materials to enable faculty to develop professionally, the primary responsibility for professional development lies with the individual faculty member. Similarly, the responsibility of supervisors at each level in the College administration is to lead faculty and staff through example, by their participation, support, and encouragement of both the individual and the unit in professional development planning and activities.

Supervisors should regularly assist and encourage faculty and staff in their area to improve their professional effectiveness and to organize appropriate professional development work.

NOVA Professional Development Plan

The NOVA Professional Development Plan has outlined programs and activities to provide professional enrichment for teaching, administrative, and professional faculty. As a part of the plan, faculty members may be funded to attend conferences or professional meetings, scholarly activities, and many workshops and seminars.