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Restricted Faculty Appointments

Restricted Faculty Appointments

3.4.2. Restricted Faculty Appointments

Purpose: Restricted appointments create circumstances that are not appropriately handled by certain policies developed for regular faculty appointments. The purpose of the policies and procedures in this appendix are to address these special circumstances. Definitions

  1. Restricted Appointment - A restricted appointment is an appointment to a position that is funded in whole or in part by non-State revenues, or has been accepted under special conditions, or that is identifiable as non-continuing in nature.
  2. Restricted Classified Personnel - Restricted classified personnel are individuals holding an appointment to a restricted classified position.
  3. c. Restricted Faculty Personnel - Restricted faculty personnel are individuals holding a restricted appointment to a teaching and research (T&R) faculty position in the Virginia Community College System. Restricted faculty personnel are further categorized as follows:
    1. Restricted Education and General (E&G) Faculty Personnel - Restricted E&G faculty personnel are appointed to restricted positions funded from Education and General (E&G) funds appropriated to the Virginia Community College System. Restricted E&G faculty personnel provide replacements for permanent faculty members on leave with or without pay for a specific period and who are expected to return at the conclusion of the leave. Conditions appropriate to this category include, but are not limited to, leaves for purposes of education, illness, military, or for personal reasons. Restricted E&G appointments for other purposes must have the prior approval of the Chancellor.
    2. Grant Funded Faculty Personnel - Restricted grant funded faculty personnel are appointed to restricted positions funded in whole or in part from sources other than Education and General (E&G) funds appropriated to the Virginia Community College System. Grant funds may derive from, but are not limited to, state, federal, local, private, or foundation sources. Scope

  1. Applicable to Restricted Faculty Personnel Only - The policies and procedures in this appendix apply only to restricted faculty personnel. Restricted classified personnel are governed by applicable policies of the Department of Human Resource Management.
  2. Effect on Other Policies - Except as provided in this appendix, all policies, procedures, and compensation plans established by the State Board for Community Colleges, the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System, or the individual community colleges for faculty personnel are applicable to restricted faculty personnel. This specifically includes applicable affirmative action plans and procedures. References to "faculty rank personnel" in other Virginia Community College System policies and procedures shall be deemed to include restricted faculty personnel, whether or not such personnel have been awarded faculty rank. Special Provisions Applicable to All Restricted Faculty Personnel

  1. Required Notification of Restricted Status - Proposals of appointment to restricted positions must clearly describe the temporary nature of the appointment. See Section 3.4.1, Appointment Proposal and Rank and Salary Proposal forms.
  2. Reappointment - The provisions of the Original and Continuing Appointment Policy (Section 3.4.0) and Faculty Sanctions (Nonreappointment) Policy shall not apply to restricted faculty personnel.
  3. Reduction in Staff Policy and Severance Pay - The Reduction in Staff Policy shall not apply to restricted faculty personnel and restricted faculty personnel shall not be eligible for severance pay.
  4. Benefits - Restricted faculty personnel are to receive all benefits (hospitalization, insurance, retirement, etc.) provided by current state regulations for such positions. The cost of benefits must be included in grant budgets or the institution must bear the expense from other funds. Special Provisions Applicable to Grant Funded Faculty Personnel

  1. Appointment Periods - The appointment period for grant funded faculty personnel may be made consistent with the period of the controlling grant, however, an appointment may not be for more than twelve months.
  2. Administrative Titles - At the discretion of the college president, descriptive titles for grant funded faculty personnel may be made consistent with titles used by the sponsor of the grant. Such titles shall not be construed to apply to college or VCCS hierarchical organizational structures or salary scales. Grant funded faculty personnel will normally be classified as "administrative officers" for VCCS appointment purposes.
  3. c. Faculty Rank and Faculty Qualifications - Unless the duties of the grant funded faculty personnel involve instruction of credit courses or other functions where faculty rank is appropriate, faculty rank will not be assigned and faculty qualifications prescribed in the VCCS-29, Normal Minimum Criteria for Each Faculty Rank, will not apply.
  4. Salary - Salaries for grant funded faculty personnel shall be established by the college president within resources provided by the grant and are independent of salary ranges associated with faculty ranks or administrative titles.
  5. Effect of Grant Curtailment or Termination - Grant funded faculty personnel may be terminated whenever the sponsor of the grant curtails or terminates the program.
  6. Effect of Grant Continuation, Renewal, or Extension - In the event a grant is continued, renewed, or extended, grant funded faculty personnel may be issued a new appointment or may be notified that their appointment will not be renewed. Such notice shall be in writing and shall be issued within thirty (30) days of receipt of a notification of the grant continuation, renewal, or extension or within sixty (60) days of the end of the appointment period, whichever is later.

3.4.3 Employment of Adjunct Faculty (SB)

In accordance with the Criteria of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), each college shall develop and implement a management system for adjunct faculty including recruitment, orientation, compensation, supervision, and evaluation. Further, each college shall publish and make available an adjunct faculty handbook that contains policies and procedures related to adjunct faculty.