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Personal Obligations

Personal Obligations

  1. Direct Deposit

    All P-3 faculty members are expected to utilize direct deposit for their salaried paychecks. New P-3 faculty members are required to receive their pay through the direct deposit of pay program.

    An Employee Direct Deposit Authorization form is included in the new employee’s packet with a detailed explanation of the procedure. The direct deposit arrangement is to be completed as soon as possible. A faculty member may elect up to four direct deposit options (two savings, two checking), with the requirement that one of four receive the balance or net pay.

    Both credit unions have deduction amounts remitted via the direct deposit routing.

    A change in direct-deposit accounts can be made, but it is essential that a depository account not be closed without notification to the Payroll Department.

  2. Financial Obligations of Faculty

    Employees of the College are expected to handle their personal and financial obligations in such a manner as to prevent the involvement of the College. Garnishment of wages clearly involves the College as a court-ordered collection agent.

    A service charge will be assessed for the handling of any dishonored check made payable to the Northern Virginia Community College, whether to state or local funds, unless the bank is at fault, in which case there will be no charge. When the College needs to utilize the services of a collection agency for debts owed, the debtor is subject to all late fees and collection costs.

  3. Change of Name, Address, or Telephone Number

    The Human Resources Office is required to maintain a current address and telephone number (home and work) for each member of the faculty and staff. Employees are to use the HRMS self-service feature to keep an address current. A current address in the Human Resources Personnel Management System is increasingly important, in that the address in that database drives the health and flex data for the state carriers. This statement only applies to salaried employees (P-3).

    Local income tax withholding will be taken for employees who reside in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and West Virginia. A move to or from Virginia or among one of these locales will require the employee to fill out new tax forms.

    To Change a Name: A name change is an official change to your personnel and pay records. It is essential that any change in name(s) be officially made as soon as practicable after such changes become effective. A copy of your revised Social Security card is required. There may be other forms to complete reflecting the name change, e.g. a savings bond card or a retirement record for optional retirement carriers. Check with Human Resources to assure that all such data is accurately reported. Originals should be sent to Human Resources with copies to the academic dean’s office and provost.

    To Change an Address: A change in address is made as summarized above. If the move is in or out of Virginia or to one of the listed locales for which NOVA withholds taxes, new tax forms must be promptly submitted. Affected employees need to closely monitor tax withholding as it appears on their pay stub/earnings statement.

    To Change a Phone Number: Employees are encouraged to use the self-service feature of HRMS in keeping their home and emergency numbers updated.

    To Update Data in the State’s Health Benefits Eligibility System (BES): It is the obligation of the faculty member to review eligibility and dependent data in the Health Benefits Database (BES). Social Security numbers are required for all dependents over one year of age. Another area for review is the status for over-age dependents for continued eligibility. To continually carry an over-age dependent and/or any ineligible dependent, such as a divorced spouse, constitutes fraud.