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Teaching Overloads for Pay

Teaching Overloads for Pay

3.8.4 Teaching Overloads (C)

A faculty member may be offered a teaching overload not exceeding ten (10) credit hours for pay per academic year (fall and spring semesters). Faculty members shall be considered as working an overload when they teach: a) greater than thirty (30) credit hours, b) greater than forty (40) contact hours, or c) greater than thirty (30) workload hours - whichever figure results in the greatest amount of overload credit hours. For the purpose of workload calculations, every lecture hour shall equate to one (1) credit hour and one (1) contact hour; and every laboratory hour shall equate to one-half (1/2) credit hour and one (1) contact hour. In cases where the number of credit hours for a full teaching load falls below twenty-four (24) credit hours, a faculty member shall be considered as working an overload when he/she teaches greater than forty-eight (48) contact hours.

Each college shall develop overload procedures consistent with the above. In addition, the college president has the authority to develop optional overload plans; such plans shall be developed in consultation with the faculty and must be approved by the Chancellor. Extra pay for an overload shall be the rate of the faculty members' nine-month salary multiplied by .015 for each overload credit hour. Overloads shall be paid at the end of the academic year (fall and spring semesters). If separation occurs after only one semester in that academic year and an overload was taught in that semester, payment for the overload shall be at the end of that semester.

At the president’s discretion, payments for overloads worked in the fall may be made after January 15 if in the president’s judgment the faculty member’s anticipated spring semester course load would result in an overload for the academic year. The payment shall be for the fall workload only. In cases where the overload does not materialize, recovery of any overpayment must be finalized by May 15.