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Categories of Employment

3.0 Categories of Employment (SB)

All employees in the VCCS are State employees. Personnel are further categorized as follows:

3.0.0 Regular Nine-Month Teaching Faculty

Full-time teaching faculty (including program heads and assistant division chairs) are normally on nine-month appointments which include the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. All assistant division chairs and program heads are appointed as teaching faculty. Such appointments are made at the discretion of the individual college.

3.0.1 Ten-Month Teaching Faculty

Ten-month teaching faculty are full-time teaching faculty with additional on-going administrative duties, such as program head or assistant dean, that require teaching faculty to provide administrative oversight of programmatic areas. This position may be used for faculty teaching on non-traditional schedules.

3.0.2 Twelve Month Teaching Faculty and Nine-Month Administrative/Professional Faculty

Twelve-month teaching positions and nine-month administrative positions are established by special request to the Chancellor. The requests are submitted annually prior to March and must explain how the exceptional position will better meet the needs of the college. For twelve-month teaching positions, the work schedule and leaves are the same as those of twelve-month administrative and professional positions. For nine-month administrative/professional positions, salary and leaves are prorated.

3.0.3 Twelve-Month Professional Faculty

Professional faculty are individuals holding non-teaching positions with continuing responsibilities, employed on a twelve-month basis beginning July 1 and ending on June 30. All professional faculty are assigned a faculty rank for which they qualify. Librarians and Counselors are professional faculty. Colleges may also designate Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, and Administrative Officer level positions as professional faculty.

3.0.4 Twelve-Month Administrative Faculty

Administrative faculty perform work related to the management of the educational and general activities of the college, department, or division. Administrative faculty are normally employed on a twelve-month basis beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. Twelve-month administrative faculty personnel are assigned a faculty rank for which they qualify.

3.0.5 Restricted Faculty

A restricted position carries limitations due to funding, length of service, or other special conditions. Such conditions include funding in whole or in part by non-state revenues (e.g. grants, fees, etc.), restricted state revenues, limited appointment period, non-continuing assignments, or other restricted conditions. Restrictions may apply to teaching, administrative and professional faculty positions as well as classified positions.

3.0.6 Associate Instructor

Associate Instructors are individuals holding a full-time, restricted, one-year appointment to teach a higher instructional load than regular nine-month teaching faculty for the fall and spring semesters. This position is relieved of most administrative and governance duties to spend time in student support and student success related activities. The Associate Instructor contract contains no expectation or guarantee of continued employment.

3.0.7 Regular Part-Time Nine-Month Teaching Faculty

Part-time nine-month teaching faculty are employed on a continuing basis to teach approximately 60%-80% of a regular faculty workload and carry regular faculty duties and responsibilities. Compensation is pro-rated and benefits are restricted consistent with state policies and regulations.

3.0.8 Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty are employed to teach less than a normal faculty load or to teach less than a full session on a semester by semester or summer term basis. The total workload includes credit hours taught at all VCCS colleges. Adjunct faculty workload is governed by the equivalent workload credit hour limits established in the Virginia Manpower Control Program, Section 4-7.0.1 of the Code of Virginia. The adjunct faculty contract contains no guarantee of continued employment.

3.0.9 Classified Employees

Classified employees are employees who occupy positions that are listed in the Commonwealth’s Compensation Plan, and who are covered by the Virginia Personnel Act as found in Chapter 10, Title 2.1 of the Code of Virginia, once they have completed the probationary period.

3.0.10 Wage Employees

Wage employees are employees not covered by the Virginia Personnel Act (also referred to as hourly, P-14, or WE-14 employees). Generally these positions are non-exempt for the purpose of overtime compensation. The positions are used to supplement the work force during seasonal or temporary workloads, to provide interim replacements, or to perform short-term projects, or other jobs that do not require full-time classified employees. Wage employees are limited to working 29 hours per week on average and 1500 hours per year at any one or more VCCS college/System Office. These positions are governed by the Manpower Control Program, Section 4-7.0.1 of the Code of Virginia.