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Information Technology

Information Technology

Technical Support

Each campus has an information technology manager responsible for the computing environment at that location. Major information systems development is the responsibility of the vice president of Instructional and Information Technology. Central support for computing architectures is provided by Information Technology Support Services through the Help Desk. All users should report PC-related problems to the Help Desk at 703.426.4141

Loading Software on College Computers

Software loaded on College computers must be approved by IT staff. Exceptions are provided for machines designated for specific purposes, such as those in classrooms or for faculty research and development in faculty resource centers. Campuses are encouraged to set up sufficient computers for research and development to meet faculty and staff needs. These machines must be configured according to guidelines established by IT Support Services. Faculty and staff who need software loaded on their individual workstation should make the request to the IT Help Desk for “Software Installation.” Except in unusual situations, IT staff will make contact to arrange for loading the software within two business days. If the IT staff member determines that the software should not be loaded, the reason must be provided to the requestor in writing and a notation made on the Help Desk ticket. It is not the intent to restrict loading of legitimate software of use to the faculty/staff member. This policy is to prevent the inadvertent loading of unlicensed software, software that can compromise the network and College data, or software that can interfere with machine or system operation. If an IT staff member determines that software should not be loaded, the requestor may appeal to their supervisor. The supervisor may request guidance from campus or College IT staff.