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Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Budget Preparation

The College operates on an annual budget with a fiscal year of July l through June 30. Responsibility for the preparation and implementation of the budget is vested in the president. Each year the Virginia Community College System prepares budget guidelines for the preparation of the budget. Division/unit managers give input on the budget to the appropriate member of the administrative council. The provosts are responsible for developing the budgets for their campuses. The College vice presidents develop the budgets for the units under their control. The vice president of Finance has supervisory responsibility for the preparation and implementation of the budget for the College as a whole.

Receipt of Money

The Director, Business Services, or their Designee, is responsible for assuring that all campus financial transactions comply with applicable audit and regulatory standards. When a class or other curricular activities requiring students to pay special fees is identified, the faculty member in charge should consult with the academic dean and the Director, Business Services, or their Designee, to establish the proper procedures. Faculty should never take money from students directly. The dean of students, working with the Director, Business Services or their Designee, is responsible for all cash operations of student activities.

College Printing Services

The NOVA Print Shop (Printing Services) is available to all faculty at the College. Printing Services include: Color/black and white prints/copies, Bulk mail production, Envelope printing, College stationary, College forms, Booklets, Postcards, Bookmarks, Banners, and Posters. Book and wide-format finishing is available.

Faculty are encouraged to utilize NOVA’s Print Shop for all high-volume printing (500 pages or more).

For instructions on placing an order, visit the Printing Services web site.

Risk Management Liability

Faculty members have an obligation to assist the College in creating a safe, secure, and healthy educational environment. They should report unsafe conditions to the campus director of operations. If College property is damaged destroyed or missing, that, too, should be reported immediately to the director of operations. If it appears that there has been an apparent breach of security, a theft, or vandalism, the Campus Police should also be notified. In emergency situations, faculty should call the Campus Police or 911.

The Commonwealth's Division of Risk Management provides property insurance against loss with a deductible of $1,000. The College Associate Vice President of Administration is the College's liaison with the Risk Management Division. In cases of theft or other covered losses, the College will pursue insurance reimbursement on behalf of the unit experiencing the loss.

Faculty can help to limit risks and potential liability by acting responsibly and with due care in compliance with College rules and regulations. Faculty members acting reasonably and within the scope of their employment will be defended by the Commonwealth Attorney General, and will not be personally liable for any claims that might be made against them as employees of the College.

To report a student/visitor injury or accident, complete the College Form 125-088 Incident Report Form and submit it to the Campus Business Office.

The person to whom equipment is assigned is responsible for promptly reporting breakage or loss to the campus business manager, in writing, stating the cause of damage or loss. The business manager will notify the Budget Office and Inventory Control. The inventory control section will survey the equipment for possible repair, replacement, or disposal. If breakage or loss was caused by a lack of due care by an employee, that person can be required to pay for the replacement.

  1. Intercampus Mail
    The College operates a routine delivery service for distributing official College mail and materials throughout its campuses, centers, and leased facilities on a daily basis. Campus mail may not be used for personal or non-College purposes.

  2. Mail
    Official College mail is handled by the Central Distribution Center (Annandale CW Building) and can be dropped off for processing at any campus mailroom.

Conservation of Resources

All College employees are encouraged to cooperate in the conservation of electricity and to participate in the College's recycling program. The College has an Energy Policy to emphasize the College’s commitment to energy conservation and to encourage sustainable practices.

For more information, refer to the College’s Energy & Sustainability Policy.

Asset Control

The Controller is responsible for maintaining an inventory of all assets. All departments are responsible for the proper control and security of equipment assigned to them. Equipment is listed in detail on inventory records when purchased. Asset audits are conducted annually and require each department’s support.

Immediately report missing equipment to the Campus Police.

College owned equipment may not be destroyed, donated, sold, or transferred to another location without approval by the Campus Storeroom Manager (Storekeeper) or Central Warehouse.

Faculty seeking to use equipment off campus for official off-campus work must submit an approved 105-005 to the . When the equipment is returned, the responsible equipment custodian must check its condition and notify the Inventory Control Office of its location at the College.

College equipment may not be loaned for personal or non-College activities.

For more information, refer to the Asset Management Policy.


For more information, refer to the College's Key Control Policy.

Purchasing General

The VCCS Shared Services Center provides purchasing services for all College divisions and offices. As an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the College purchases all its goods and services in accordance with the Code of Virginia, Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manuals and the CAPP Manual.

See the Shared Services Center website for more information.