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About Web Sites

A web page is a file, usually written in HTML code, that is visible on the world wide web. A web site is made up of multiple pages. Most web pages are written in HTML code and have file names that end in .htm or .html. There are, however, other languages that can be used to create more advanced web pages, such as asp, php, jsp, dhtml, xml, etc.

All web sites live in two places.

  1. When you build your web site, you will create each page on your own computer.
  2. When you are finished with your site, you will upload copies of all of the pages and files in your site to a web server. The web server is a big computer that is always turned on and always connected to the internet.

The copy of your site that people see when they surf the web is the copy that is on the server. Whenever you make changes to one of your web pages, you will have to upload those changes to the server.

When designing a site, you create 2 types of files.

  1. The copies of your files that are on your computer are called local files.
  2. The files on the server are called remote files. You upload files to the remote server and you download files to your local machine. You may also hear the terminology get and put. You get files down from a server and put them up on the remote server.

In order to have your own web site, you must have:

  1. Space on a web server where your site can live.
  2. A way to create html files.
  3. A way to get your html files from your computer to the web server.