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Enhancing student learning is one of the goals of NOVA. TAC supports this goal by assisting faculty and staff in using technology tools to advance teaching and learning. We offer faculty and staff an array of face-to-face workshops, online training courses, hybrid training courses, online tutorials, activities and special events.

We hope you will find the information listed below valuable. We encourage you to attend one of our sessions or events.

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Face-to-Face Training

Face to FaceTAC offers in-person, hands-on training on the various campuses every semester. NOVA employees can attend a session on any campus. Every semester TAC selects from the list of titles below -- sessions that campuses indicate they want available.

Some of Our Classes

  • Blackboard Part I: Moving Your Course Online
  • Blackboard Part II: Exploring Online Communication
  • Blackboard Part III: Building Assessments and Using the Grade Book
  • Fireworks Part I and II: Creating Interactive Web Graphics
  • Dreamweaver Part I and II: Creating Web Pages
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Online Training

Online CoursesTAC offers several online training courses every semester that can be completed from any computer at anytime within the course timeframe for those faculty and staff who need flexibility and cannot attend face-to-face sessions.

Some of Our Classes

  • Best Practices in Hybrid Course Development
  • Using Impatica for PowerPoint in Blackboard and on the Web
  • Developing a Collection of Online Classroom-Ready Learning Materials Using MERLOT
  • Providing Audio Feedback to Student Assignments in Blackboard and Through Email
  • Online Training

Hybrid Training

Hybrid TrainingTAC offers hybrid training courses that combine face-to-face and online interaction. These training courses are held over a set period of time. Some of the time you meet online in eMEETING and then online in Blackboard or you meet face-to-face and then online in Blackboard.


eMeetingTAC offers eMEETING training online but these sessions are held on specific dates, at specific times. A PC computer is required with Internet access, an Internet browser and either a headset or speakers and microphone. This training is offered several times almost every week of a semester.

The training is designed specifically for faculty and staff members to learn how to lead eMEETINGS.

Some of Our Classes

  • Introduction to Leading eMEETINGS

Certificate Programs

TAC Blackboard Certificate

Blackboard CertificateThe TAC Blackboard certificate help participants build their Blackboard Basic Competencies. Each participant will complete a Part I: Moving Your Content Online session, a Part II: Communication session, a Part III: Assessment/Grade Center session, and one elective session. By the end of the series, participants will have developed a Blackboard support course.

TAC Web 2.0/Social Media Tools Certificates

This series of certificates examines Web 2.0 tools and ways to integrate them into the classroom.  There are three tracks – collaboration, communication, and multimedia; each track has its own TAC certificate. Each participant will complete three sessions offered in a track to receive the certificate for that track. Complete one certificate or all three! By the end of each track, participants will know how to use the tools and apply at least one to a course.