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Purpose Statement

TAC's mission is to provide assistance to faculty and staff in selecting, developing and producing modern, PC and MAC based applications to improve teaching and learning; identify barriers to technology use and recommend strategies for overcoming those barriers; and support technology initiatives college-wide.

To meet this mission, TAC provides the following:

  • Implement and improve business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure the high availability, resiliency, reliability of enterprise services and certify that practices meet COV guidelines and standards. Special attention will be given to providing standards, training, and certification related to migrating college courses and instruction to the Web and to other modalities to insure continuity of the instructional program in the event of a disaster or pandemic event.
  • Expand technology-related professional development opportunities for faculty & staff focusing upon improving teaching and student success.
  • Use the results of the TAC outcomes assessment to improve TAC’s services to the College.
  • Support the expansion and contribute to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) to assist faculty and staff to improve the quality of teaching and learning and contribute to NOVA being among the top community colleges in the use of instructional technology in the classroom.