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Use Wait List

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NOVAConnect includes wait list functionality in the Schedule of Classes set-up in SIS. When students attempt to enroll through Self-Service in a class that is full, they will be given the opportunity to be entered on a wait list. If a spot in the class becomes available, students on the wait list would gain entrance to the class in the order in which they placed their name on the wait list. A batch process will run every evening once enrollment begins that will move the students from the wait list to enrollment status. The students can check their schedule the next morning to find out if they are enrolled in the class, and will have until 5:00 pm the next day to pay (if tuition is due). The last day for a student to get on a wait list is two business days before the session begins. A batch process will run the next day to remove all students from wait lists so that an open registration period may begin.

Instructors can view enrolled and wait listed students on their Class Roster through Self-Service, Faculty Center.

Navigation: MyNova>Self-Service>Faculty Center>My Schedule

  1. Click on Class Roster icon.roster icon
  2. The default roster will only show fully enrolled students.

    waitlist image
  3. Change the Enrollment Status to ALL or WAITING to view wait listed students.

    waitlist image
  4. Notice that you can also see the student’s position number on the wait list.