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Center For Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is dedicated to assisting faculty and staff in improving the quality of teaching and learning services. CETL Faculty Advocates inspire, guide and mentor faculty in areas of pedagogy and classroom management.

CETL Programs

Power Up Your Pedagogy
New Faculty First Year Experience
Teaching Squares
Faculty Consultations
Faculty Learning Communities
CETL Teaching Institute
CETL Pedagogy Library
Faculty Associates Program
VCCS Center for Teaching Excellence

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CETL Staff

Interim Coordinator

Phone: 703.323.2157

Cindy Miller

Cindy is the Interim Coordinator for CETL. She works in the Biology Department at the Annandale Campus, where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology. She is passionate about the teaching excellence shown by NOVA faculty.

Admin Assistant

Phone: 703.764.7386

Robin Muse

Robin has been with CETL for several years and has dedicated her work to growing CETL from a fledgling project without any home, to a fully staffed and fully developed center. She runs CETL's lending-library.

Goals and Resources

CETL Goals

CETL Goals
  • Support NOVA Strategic Vision 2015: Gateway to the American Dream for the College to be recognized for its excellence within the Commonwealth and throughout the nation.
  • Promote the culture of excellence for NOVA.
  • Increase enrollment, retention and student success.
  • Share access to excellent instructional practices and technology.
  • Build on faculty strengths to enrich professional development.
  • Support a committed faculty and staff through collegial mentoring and student-centered learning.
  • Support teaching and learning assessment.

Teaching & Learning Resources

Teaching and Learning Resources

College Convocation is held the Thursday following August 16 every year from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Annandale Campus.

Power Up Your Pedagogy Conference is held by and for NOVA faculty who are interested in sharing best practices in teaching and learning. Check this website for workshops and deadlines for submitting your proposal for a presentation. The PUP Conference is a collaborative effort with Academic Services, CETL, ELI, HR, TAC and WSDM.

NOVA Teaching Support - This website offers links to several NOVA initiatives. 

VCCS Professional Development - The VCCS offers professional development grants, mini-grants, and scholarships for your teaching and learning. You may also participate in the New Faculty Seminar, a Faculty Learning Community, the New Horizons Conference (held in April), and Peer Discipline Conferences. Both full-time and adjunct faculty are welcome to participate.

VCCS Northern Virginia Regional Center - NOVA is part of the Northern Virginia Regional Center. NOVA’s own Nan Peck is the director of the Center for Teaching Excellence. CTE provides a forum for dialogue, reflection and enhancement of teaching, and modeling an innovative learning community. Visit their blog.

MERLOT Pedagogy offers hundreds of suggestions for understanding how learning works, how to design instruction, teaching strategies, responding to teaching challenges and assessment. has some excellent modules for teaching. The VCCS is an institutional member. Create a free account to view the modules.

MERLOT Elixr is a collaborative tool for faculty to post and to use case stories and faculty development resources. Watch videos on teaching strategies for engaging learners and cooperative learning in large groups.

The latest issue of the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is now available online.

You'll likely find the Advice Columns helpful at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network operates an electronic mailing list. This list is hosted by the University of Notre Dame's John A. Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning.

Insider Higher Ed is terrific. You can subscribe to receive a daily email message. Check out In Focus - Community Colleges.

The Teaching Professor offers some terrific articles. Maryellen Weimer's writings are especially helpful.

Innovative Educators offers some free webinars.

Weekly Innovations - Check out the videos.

National Teaching and Learning Forum offers some complementary issues of its newsletter.

Fulbright Scholar – Apply to become a Fulbright Scholar. For more information, visit the Fulbright Scholar Program website or contact Stacey Bustillos, coordinator, global studies and programs at 703.323.4224.