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NCAT Redesign of Developmental Math

About the Redesign of Developmental Math

Working with a grant from the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) in 2010, NOVA participated with all VCCS colleges in redesigning developmental mathematics. All three developmental mathematics courses were replaced with one unified course:

MTH 2, Arithmetic | MTH 3, Algebra I | MTH 4, Algebra II

Developmental Mathematics Technology-Based

Important Information About Developmental Math

  • Developmental math now consists of nine units, each with a pretest, learning materials, homework, quizzes and a posttest.
  • The only prerequisite is demonstration of sufficient basic math skills, and a four-week basic skills course (BSK 1) is available for students who need it.
  • In both the basic skills and the developmental math courses, a Modified Emporium Model is used, combining interactive computer software with personalized, on-demand assistance and required attendance in the classroom and lab.
  • Students work individually, advancing through the units as quickly as they are able, with homework and testing done on the computer.
  • Students work through just the material they need to qualify for credit-level math courses, demonstrating mastery of each unit before progressing on to the next.

NCAT Resources

Software as a Strategy for Developmental Math