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After your page has been completed and saved, it’s time to publish it to your web folder.

Your web folder name is the same as your network user id. For example, if your network user id is jdoe, your web folder is at

  1. Click on Publish Page icon. Publish Page dialog boxes will popup.
  2. Give your site a name. This may already be filled if the page has been saved already.
  3. Click on the Settings tab. The publishing address is
  4. The HTTP address is
  5. Enter in your User name prefaced by nvcc. Exnvcc/userid
  6. Enter in your Password. You can choose to have it saved or not.

    Publishing settings
  7. Click on the Publish tab. Enter in your Page Title and Filename. The filename will be the name the file is saved on the web folder.  Make sure to have Include images and other files checked.

    Publishing settings.
  8. Click on the Publish button on the bottom. Your files will be uploaded to your web folder. If it’s successful, you will see a green check next to each of your files.

    Publishing status.
  9. You can view your site by going to

If you have additional files, such as powerpoint, mp3s or video, you will need to upload those with Core FTP.