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Configuring Audacity

Before beginning a recording project in Audacity, it's necessary to set the Audacity preferences in the Edit Preferences dialog box. This ensures that the sound source and playback options are set correctly as well as bit-rate, quality indicators and more. Follow this step by step procedure to setup your computer.

Step 1: Check the preferences by going to Edit > Preferences.

Step 2: Select the Audio I/O tab from the choices across the top of the Preferences Dialog box.

Step 3: From the drop down window under Playback, select the output device that you would like to route the sound through.

Step 4:  From the drop down window under Recording, select the sound source you want to record from. If you’re recording music, you probably want the Check box next to Record in Stereo checked. If you’re just recording your voice, leave it unchecked.

Step 5: The Quality tab is where you’ll set the quality of your audio. Higher sample rate will make your audio quality better but the file size will be larger. To record audio at CD quality sound, record at 44,100 Hz. You’ll typically leave the other settings at their factory defaults.