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Detailed Responsibilities

The Web Communications and Digital Media Unit is responsible for

  • Strategic leadership and supervision of the college’s official website, mobile site and digital and social media.
  • Development, implementation, and reporting of website and electronic media feedback, evaluation and usage.
  • Development and maintenance of NOVA’s website, electronic media and coding development and maintenance standards.
  • Web-based online application development, implementation, and maintenance for the NOVA website, including development and implementation of online forms, registrations, surveys and reporting features.
  • Research and recommendations for appropriate interactive and digital tools to develop applications for the NOVA website and digital media.
  • Implementation and maintenance of other elements of the central Web-based service infrastructure, including the campus event calendar, email marketing service, newsfeeder service.
  • Maintenance and development of the campus, center, and college offices and department web pages.
  • Development, posting and maintenance of online official college publications, including the Schedule of Classes, College Catalog, Faculty Handbook, Adjunct Faculty Handbook, and Student Handbook.
  • Recommendations for ongoing enhancements to improve overall ease of navigation to increase site usage and effectiveness, including use of information and support materials, to ensure accessibility.
  • NOVA website content development, editing and revision, including the online college news and events and Intercom.
  • NOVA website copyright  and accessibility standards.
  • Development of strategies to optimize the NOVA official website to increase site traffic, time on site, and competitiveness.
  • Maintenance of the Web Content Management System, Cascade Server.
  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of the college’s official social media tools, including NOVA on iTunes U, NOVAaccess on YouTube, NOVAaccess on Facebook, NOVAaccess on My Space, NOVAaccess on Twitter, LinkedIn, official NOVA blogs and other social media to be added.
  • Development and implementation of NOVA’s official podcasts
  • Implementation and maintenance of the NOVA mobile site.
  • Establishment of contacts with vendors, agencies and organizations that may want to partner with NOVA for web-based projects.
  • Consultations with units under Institutional Advancement and other areas of management to leverage Web marketing, maintain the College identity and coordinate major promotional campaigns.