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Public Information Office

The Public Information Office’s main responsibility is disseminating valuable NOVA news to the media and other external audiences through press releases, media advisories, public service announcements and event listings. They serve as the liaison between College personnel and the news media.

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The Public Information Officers maintain and use various media contact lists that include local, regional and national print and broadcast outlets to distribute the news.

Other services the Public Information Officers perform include:

  • Acting as a resource before, during and after emergency situations in various capacities by providing guidelines and information to help manage crisis situations.
  • Supplying the Web Services & Digital Media team with press releases and media for the News & Events Web page to help students, faculty, staff and community members stay abreast of the latest NOVA news.
  • Writing, publishing and disseminating Intercom, NOVA’s employee newsletter, on a weekly basis during the fall and spring semesters and biweekly during the summer. All Intercom issues are posted online and archived for a period of time for easy retrieval.
  • Providing writing, editing and proofreading expertise for various Marketing & Communications print projects.