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Business Cards

Business Card Ordering Instructions (eVA vendor = Dister, Inc./Business Cards Tomorrow)

Go to

Step 1: Add Title: Business Cards for (name of person); click on Next.

Step 2: Keywords: Business Cards Tomorrow; click on Search.

Dister, Inc./BCT Business Cards Tomorrow; click on Buy From Supplier Select layout option from Order Menu; click on Submit Layout # NVCC BC (campus options) Layout # NVCC BC2 (college administration address options).

Follow the steps on the customer order form. Under "Additional Information," you do not need to include a purchase order, cost center or reference code. View proof and information for accuracy. Print a copy for your records. You will receive a confirmation that your order has been placed. You must click on "Continue" in order to finalize the transaction through eVA. After this, you will be sent directly to your Shopping Cart, but you need to click on Step 3 to add your accounting details before checking out.

Step 3: Add Accounting Details

Edit to include your fund, department, campus and account information; click on OK, then Next, then Submit.

Step 4: Check Out; click on Submit.

250 cards cost $24.57 and 500 cards cost $30.74. For quality-control purposes, please send a printed sample of your business card to NOVAGraphics, NW, AN.