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Adjunct Calculation for Service Formula Determination

Using 30 teaching credits = a full-time load for a full-time, 9 month faculty member, adjunct faculty will have the following percent of a full-time load equivalent for a calendar year (teaching credit: 1 lecture hour = 1 teaching credit, 2 lab hours = 1 teaching credit). Divide the teaching credits taught for the calendar year by 30 teaching credits. For example:

3 Teaching Credits =10%
6 Teaching Credits =20%
9 Teaching Credits =30%
12 Teaching Credits =40%
15 Teaching Credits =50%
18 Teaching Credits =60%
21 Teaching Credits =70%
24 Teaching Credits =80%
27 Teaching Credits =90%
30 Teaching Credits =100%

To find the percent for a number of teaching credits not listed above, divide the number of teaching credits by 30. For example, 4.5 divided by 30 = 15% of a full load.

To calculate full-time salary equivalent for adjuncts: multiply the adjunct's rate per teaching credit (this is based on a salary scale that takes into account the adjunct's rank and grade step). For example, an adjunct who is at the Assistant Professor rank and is in grade step #4 is paid $604 per teaching credit. Therefore, his/her full-time equivalent salary would be $604 x 30 or $18,120.
(This example is not reflective of adjunct faculty's current pay scale.)

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