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Read&Write GOLD

Read&Write Gold is a program designed to help challenged readers and writers to improve reading fluency and comprehension. It offers features such as text-to-speech software that helps you read text while listening with each word being highlighted. You can select your preferred voice, pitch, speed, and volume to suit their individual needs. Other reading support features include a pronunciation tutor, dictionary, and a screenshot reader that facilitates access to external applications or PDF files.

Read&Write Gold supports study skills by offering Fact Finder, a feature that can help you find information on the Internet by highlighting a word in the text. All information gathered from the Internet can be saved in a special folder, automatically producing a bibliography of information sources, allowing you to add date, author, and category name for future use and proper citation. This program also comes in a mobile mode using a flash drive.

Please click here to learn more about Read&Write Gold.

Also, please click here to check out Read&Write Gold’s ToolMatcher. It’s a free online tool that can match your needed accommodations with the appropriate support features on the Read&Write Gold toolbar. It even customizes a user guide for you!