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Academic Advising Resources for Faculty

"Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience." - Richard Light

At NOVA, we believe in student success. Academic advising is an important contributor to this goal. At NOVA the responsibility for advising students is shared among counselors, teaching faculty and student services personnel.

Good advising is more than just helping students choose classes. It also assists students with transitioning or returning to college, setting academic and career goals, and developing strategies to meet those goals.

At its best, advising is a developmental process in which students learn to make independent and informed decisions and to take responsibility for their own success.

Please make sure to visit the Center for Excellence in Teaching (CETL) section for teaching and learning services.


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Faculty Academic Advising

If you want to help students make good choices, realize their educational goals and academic advising matters to you, we welcome you to attend an academic advising workshop that will help you assist our students in:

  • Selecting courses and sections for the fall semester (with an eye towards subsequent semesters),
  • Completing any developmental courses in which they are placed,
  • Completing SDV 100, College Success Skills, if they have not yet taken it,
  • Confirming or changing their program placement (may require referral to a counselor),
  • Referring students with special needs or issues to counseling,
  • Considering any issues related to their intended transfer to universities and specific majors,
  • Encouraging completion of the degree and explaining the advantages of doing so.

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