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Planning provides support to the mission and strategic initiatives of the College by informing and guiding the development of the College’s built and natural environment.

Master Planning

  • The Facilities Master Plan establishes a framework for orderly growth and development of campus improvements.

Project Planning

  • Provides assessment of existing conditions, site evaluation, analysis of space and/or utility needs, development of conceptual design scenarios, definition of the scope of work and cost estimates;
  • Plans and prioritizes which facility assets need to be repaired or replaced based on data obtained from periodic Facility Condition Assessments.

Space Management

  • Maintains the Space Inventory, a comprehensive, computerized space database and information system, which captures attributes such as room size, function, and capacity;
  • Conducts on-going facility audits with the objective of physically verifying all space and their usage on campuses;
  • Provides reports and data to the College, the Virginia Community College System (VCCS), and the State.

Facilities Asset Inventory

  • Develops and maintains asset information systems for college facilities and infrastructure including: building inventory database; floor plans of all campus buildings; site plans and aerial photographs; and archival records of each renovation and construction project.