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Career Pathways Program

Topic:  Career Pathways Program
Special Guest: Carolyn Jones, Workforce Development Center Director, City of Alexandria

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CommonHelp: Supplemental Support

Topic: CommonHelp: Supplement Financial Support 
Special Guest: Patty Araujo, Quality Assurance Coordinator with Fairfax County Department 
of Family Services 

CommonHelp Assistance at NOVA: 703.503.6240 

Cybersecurity Internships Triple Point Security

Parts: Part 1: Triple Point Security Candidacy, Part 2: Client Requirements and Certifications
Special Guest: Carlos Espiritu, Triple Point Security Recruiter

Triple Point Security Candidacy

Client Requirements and Certifications

Financial Aid

Parts: Part 1: Satisfactory Academic Progress & To Do List, Part 2: Debt, Deadlines, & Support Center
Special Guest: LeRoy Allen, Support Coordinator with NOVA’s Financial Aid Support Center

Satisfactory Academic Progress & To Do List

Debt, Deadlines, & Support Center

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Financial Literacy

Topic: Financial Literacy
Parts: Part 1: Credit History & Budgeting, Part 2: Credit Cards, Part 3: Appreciating Versus Depreciating Assets 
Special Guest: Celandra Deane-Bess, Senior Wealth Planner with PNC Wealth Management

Credit History & Budgeting

Credit Cards

Appreciating Versus Depreciating Assets

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Interviewing Advice: Micron

Parts: Part 1: Key Areas of Interest, Part 2: Helpful Interview Advice 
Special Guest: Brian Black, Senior Technical Recruiter

Key Areas of Interest

Helpful Interview Advice 

Placement Testing at NOVA

Topic: Placement Testing at NOVA 
Special Guest: Jason Defreitas, Testing Center Supervisor on NOVA’s Annandale Campus

Saving for Your Child's Education

Topic: Saving for Your Child's Education 
Special Guest: Heather J.T. Evans, Senior Vice President of Wealth Management with Merrill Lynch

Tutoring Center: Annandale Campus

Topic: Tutoring Center: Annandale Campus
Special Guest: Sarah Bogdewiecz, Coordinator of Academic Support Services on NOVA’s Annandale Campus


Holiday Budgeting Webinar

Special Guest: Erika Coddington, NOVA Academic Advisor & Mike Frasnelli, NOVA
Academic Advisor Topics: Planning, budgeting, trips & visits, cutting costs, and sales/deals

Paying for College Webinar

Special Guest: Clint Young, NOVA Financial Literacy Coordinator, & Erika Coddington
NOVA Academic Advisor Topics: Financial Aid & Scholarships, Responsible Borrowing, Work Study Positions, Financial Coaching, and more