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New Applicant Tracking System

As of December of 2012, the NOVA Human Resources Department implemented a new applicant tracking system called NATS. This new system allows candidates to create user profiles and apply for open positions at NOVA using their account. NATS is equipped with features that include email notifications to applicants when positions are filled and the ability for prospective employees to check the status of their applications in real time. The system is user-friendly and allows candidates to view and apply for jobs 24/7 wherever there is Internet access. To create a user profile visit NATS at https://nvcc.peopleadmin.com/user/new.

1. What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system is an online program used to monitor and coordinate job openings and applications and help manage recruitment needs. Jobs are posted online and candidate resumes and applications are stored inside the program’s secure database to permit effective searching, matching and routing of applicants by HR staff. Applicant tracking systems help reduce inefficiencies by automating processes and allow for better and faster recruitment decisions.

2. Why did NOVA implement a new system?

Recruiting and retaining a talented workforce are critical to the College’s success, and maintaining an up-to-date and effective hiring system is necessary to achieve those goals. Prior to launching the new system in December 2012, HR used different methods for online recruitment, and there were several reasons why it was important the College transition to a more streamlined approach. The new applicant tracking system integrates open staff positions across the College into one, easy-to-navigate database. The new system offers improved efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment efforts statewide and benefits both job seekers and staff tasked with filling positions.

3. Where did the idea for a new system come from?

The College’s Human Resources office identified the need for an up-to-date recruiting and hiring system and included the project in HR’s strategic plan.

4. How does the new applicant tracking system benefit job seekers?

Current and prospective employees can search open positions by location and entity, upload required materials and submit employment forms after accepting a position. All applicants can check their application status electronically, and job postings are removed automatically once positions are filled.

5. How does it benefit staff tasked with filling positions?

With the new system, it is easier to post jobs, search applicant materials and request and receive necessary approvals from HR throughout the hiring process. The new system also allows HR and equity and diversity staff to review important hiring trends such as time-to-fill and diversity metrics and analysis of why applicants decline job offers.