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About Nobue Yamabayashi

Originally from Japan, Nobue Yamabayashi is a recent Fairfax resident, and displays her artwork at the Artisans United Center in Annadale. Before moving here, she worked in the field of international education at Shizuoka University and Aichi Shukutoku University in Japan and attended graduate school at Oklahoma State University. She also ran an online antique shop that sold vintage American goods, where she developed an interest and love for American culture. Nobue uses traditional origami designs as a bridge between Japanese and American culture.

Nobue Yamabayashi

Noren Origami

  • 2022
  • Artisans United, Annandale
  • Wood, Paper, Metal, Lacquer

Noren Origami by Nobue Yamabayashi combines the traditional Japanese art of noren (暖簾), decorative fabric dividers between rooms and doorways, and the art of origami (折り紙), or “folded paper.”   This piece contains 400 paper cranes suspended on metal wires attached to a pole, invoking the idea of noren.  This piece can be hung over doors, between rooms, in windows, and even on walls. Cranes are symbolic of longevity in Japan, and origami cranes are often given as a wish for health and long life.

Noren Origami